Digital assistant

This role is suitable for anyone with basic IT skills and may be of interest to those with only limited time to volunteer, including people on work experience and placements.


  • To provide 'assisted digital support' with using services and carrying out transactions online.
  • To promote the use of PCs and the role of information in resolving problems.
  • To provide information about the local Citizens Advice and other advice services to clients from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.
  • To enable clients to develop the skills and confidence they need to use digital technology effectively.


  • Explaining the service to members of the public.
  • Supporting clients with using self-help services including PCs.
  • Helping clients to identify the correct leaflet, self-help resource or service provider.
  • Identifying when clients need to be referred for more help.
  • Signposting clients appropriately to suit their needs following agreed protocols.
  • Recording client numbers and issues.


  • Ability to offer help appropriately and sensitively in a public environment.
  • An understanding of why confidentiality is important.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Being open and approachable.
  • Respect for views, values and cultures that are different from your own.
  • A commitment to the aims and principles of the Citizens Advice service.
  • A positive attitude to self-development and assessment.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to recognise the limits and boundaries of the role.

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