3-6 Month Feedback

From April 2016 to March 2017 we had funding from the Wider Welfare Reform Group. Our funder required us to collect feedback on how useful our courses have been. In order to do this we collect feedback from you immediately after the course and again 3-6 months later when you have had time to put the training into practice. The two feedback forms ask for different information so it is very useful to us if you fill in both forms.

If you received the training with a Wider Welfare Reform Group concession you agreed to provide this feedback as a condition of receiving the training for free.

Download 3-6 month feedback form

Please return your completed form as soon as possible by email to Deborah.williamson@snscab.org.uk

Or by post to Deborah Williamson at Advice House, Cheapside, Hanley, ST1 1HL

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