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Disability benefits

Personal Independence Payment and Disability Living Allowance are non-means tested benefits to help disabled people with mobility and personal care needs. They can be paid whether you are working or not. If you are already claiming PIP or DLA when you reach Pension Age you can continue to claim them but if you get sick after Pension Age you will need to claim Attendance Allowance. If you qualify for any of these benefits and have someone who provides care for you, they may be able to claim Carers Allowance.

Guide to Claiming PIP 40 percent     Changing to PIP from DLA 40 percent     Guide to DLA for Children 40 percent     Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit 40 percent     Benefits for Carers 40 percent

 Benefits for Working Age People

If you are too sick to work you can claim benefits for money for everyday living costs such as food and bills. This could be ESA or Universal Credit depending on where you live and when you first claim.

 Guide to ESA 40 percent     Fit for Work 40 percent

 If you are able to work you will need to claim Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit depending on where you live and when you first claim

          Universal Credit When will I have to claim 40 percent     UC What to do to claim 40 percent         

 If you have children or if you work and need to claim benefits to top up your wages you may be eligible for Tax Credits or Universal Credit depending on where you live and when you claim.

Guide to Tax Credits     Tax Credit Changes for Families from April 2017 40 percent     Guide to The Benefit Cap 40 percent     Benefits and Living Together 40 percent

Benefits for Older People

Benefits for Older People 40 percent     Guide to Attendance Allowance 40 percent

Challenging Benefit Decisions

Our Appealing benefit decisions leaflet will tell you about the different stages of challenging a decision. The Benefit appeal tribunals leaflet has more information on the tribunal stage.

Guide to Appealing benefit decisions 40 percent     Guide to Benefit Appeal Tribunals 40 percent

Benefit Sanctions

The following leaflets apply to Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) only. The rules for Universal Credit are a little different. We will be producing a new set of leaflets soon.

 Avoiding sanctions front cover small     Surviving sanctions front cover small     Fighting sanctions front cover small

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